Briggs and Al’s Run

Briggs and Al’s Run

Yesterday was an amazing day. Last year our family started participating in Al’s Run for Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. They have an amazing medical team that treats Jackson for his heart. Eric and I said that we want to give back anyway we can, and this is one way we’ve chosen to do so. And lucky for us (actually, it’s not luck, we’re extremely fortunate) to have wonderful family and friends who support us! What a humbling day!

 Part of our team before the start.

 The Kuchta girls!

 Almost 14,000 people participated this year…look at all the white shirts down the street! It was so interesting to walk downtown Milwaukee and take in all the sites…the buildings are beautiful!

 Kate and her dear friend Sydney…too sweet!

 The back of our shirts have our team logo…JR Hearts. JR is Jackson’s initials, but it has a double meaning…its the abbreviation for “junior” because we want to help other young kids.

 Our awesome neighbor Dave and his two kids, Sydney and Ian! Their mom, Katie, was running the 8K.

 Some other amazing neighbors!

 JR Hearts team, minus the Kuchta family.