I am a faith-driven mother, wife, daughter, and best friend. I work in marketing but I live to take care of my children. I adore my husband and the life that he provides for us. I love the day-to-day craziness that is our family. I am a southern girl (turned northerner) who loves writing, lazy Saturdays watching football, cooking and spending time with my family.

My husband and I have three beautiful children who are the light of my life. My heart swells with love for Kate (16), Angel Jackson (13) and Ryder (9). We are the typical suburban family, except for one thing. My middle child is dancing with Jesus in Heaven.

Life has thrown many curve balls my way. And they’ve hit me. Very hard. But I am also a resilient, God-loving woman, who refuses to let tragedy destroy my life. I try to live a happy, fearless life while walking through the fog of grief.