Last Saturday team JR Hearts ran and walked in support of a great cause…Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. This is a cause very near and dear to our hearts and we can’t thank our family and friends enough for all of their support…many people made donations and/or walked/ran on our team. We had a great time while helping a lot of children! It was a chilly morning which is why Jackson is bundled so! (These pictures are posted backwards…oops! I’m new at this!)

Kate and Daddy were exhausted after the event.

This is Claire, Jackson’s nurse while he was in the hospital. She ran on our team! When she was holding him, he wrapped both of his arms around her and hugged her. He’s never done that before to anyone. It was obvious to all of us that he remembered her and loves her dearly, as do we all! It was a tear-jerking moment.
Kate was dancing to all the music that was playing along the route.
Notice our team logo on the back of my shirt 🙂
Team JR Hearts!!!!